English business presentation - Making an impact with a powerful presentation


Type de formation :

Thèmes : Communication

Sous-thèmes : Communication Orale

Type de formation : Inter

Régions : Toutes les régions

Connaissances et Pré-requis

Nécessite un bon niveau d'anglais


  • Defining your message in English.
  • Designing your presentation.
  • Connecting to your audience.
  • Finding confidence in your voice.
  • Training for success.


Defining your message in English
- Straight to English
- Pitching your presentation

Designing your presentation
- Structuring your speech
- Making an impact with visuals

Connecting to your audience
- Presence: how to get it and how to use it
- Drawing attention with storytelling

Finding confidence in your voice
- Using your voice in English
- Making your voice heard

Training for success
- Preparing effectively
- Personalized training session


Executives with good English-speaking skills, having to do public presentations or to participate to meetings in English.