Boost your telephone skills


Type de formation :

Thèmes : Commercial - Marketing - Vente

Régions : Toutes les régions

Connaissances et Pré-requis

Training is in English. It is intended for people with school English, and wishing to gain in confidence and professionalism.


Use English on the telephone with confidence.
Develop your confidence and professionalism.
Master the correct telephone responses.
Acquire the correct formulas for dealing with everyday situations.


1/ Welcome and identify

From the first moment of contact, giving a professional image of your company.
Introducing yourself, your department, your company.
Identifying the person you are talking to.
Finding out the purpose of the call.

2/ Dealing with the call with tact and efficiently

Filtering skilfully, asking people to hold the line.
Transferring the call and courteously referring back to a caller.
Providing information.
Taking a relevant and reliable message.
Concluding the call and ending on a good note.

3/ Preparing and making successful calls

Obtaining and giving information.
Organising trips, meetings and appointments.
Giving and following an orders.

4/ How to…

Question and reformulate in English.
Spell a name and have it spelt out to you.
Handle figures with ease. Understand differences between English and Americans expressions.
Understand pronunciation of those on non English mother-tongue contacts.

5/ Distance learning

Access the online service NO STRESS CALL, a personalized training solution designed to help you follow a conversation in English stress-free.
You studied English at school (7 years or more), and you are able to write with relative ease, but an imminent conference call in English is a definite source of stress. NO STRESS CALL is just what you need.


DRH, RRH, gestionnaire, assistant(e) Ressources Humaines.