The keys to project management


Type de formation :

Thèmes : Commercial - Marketing - Vente

Régions : Toutes les régions

Connaissances et Pré-requis

Excellent knowledge of English: the course is entirely delivered in English. A French version of the same course is also available ( réf. 2041).


Master the basic tools for getting your project up and running.
Master the fundamentals of the human factor in project management.


1/ Focus on "terms of reference"

Initialize the project and set objectives.
Draft the terms of reference, and the kick off instructions.

2/ Focus on "building the team"

A 3 sides relation: line managers / participants /project manager.
Conduct an interview to recruit a project participant.
The rules of effective delegation.

3/ Focus on "work breakdown structure"

Divide the project into a set of coherent tasks.
Draft the WBS, key tool for preparing the project.

4/ Focus on "budget and working as a team"

Set up the initial budget.
The characteristics of an effective team and the management styles of the project manager.

5/ Focus on "negotiation"

Negotiate for cooperation.
Prepare and manage a negotiated relationship.

6/ Focus on "project schedule"

Prepare a project schedule using PERT method.
Identify the critical path and floats.
Draw up the GANTT diagram.

7/ Focus on "risk"

Different kinds of risks: threat and opportunity.
Identify all the risks and assess major risks.

8/ Focus on "meeting"

Organize and conduct meeting (launch, progress, steering committee, closure).

9/ Focus on "controlling progress"

Actual cost and estimate to complete.
Analyze progress and react to deviations from forecasts.

10/ Focus on "conflict"

Identify the different types of conflicts and know what attitudes to adopt.
Deal with aggressive behaviors.

11 / Focus on "progress reporting"

Reporting regularly to management using a visual "dashboard" overview.
Send out a management chart to inform the decision makers.

12 / Focus on "personal attributes"

Identify one's own strong points as a project member.
Set out personal progress objectives


Commercial, ingénieur d'affaires, membre d'un service export import, acheteur, membre d'un service logistique.